Country Applications

The iSDG model can be implemented for any country through a specific calibration and customization process (restrictions apply based on data availability). Calibration is performed by way of partial model calibration cycles, also including rounds of multi-parametrical optimization. The model parameters are estimated based on relevant literature and historical calibration for the period from 2000 to present. This documentation refers to the generic structure of the iSDG model, and as such we do not describe and discuss estimates for parameter values that are country-specific.

In case the country’s need for long-term integrated planning extends beyond the SDGs, the iSDG model can be considered as a starting point for creating a fully customized national model for development planning, and not as a rigid framework. Additional sectors can be introduced to capture the particular reality of a country (e.g. tourism). Similarly, some sectors may need to be eliminated during the customization process if not relevant to a specific country’s situation.