Model Guide

This section describes the use of the iSDG model and is geared towards those who have access to the model for their contexts. Continue to the next chapters for descriptions of different components of the model.

  • Model Guide - This page, including a description of the files included with Stella and where to find additional information.

  • Data Sheets and Sources - An overview of the data sheets included, sources, Import procedures of the sheets into Stella, and Export procedures

  • Calibration Procedures - An overview of the calibration process, including manual calibration and automated calibration

  • Simulation - Overview of how to run a simulation in the model, including how SDG performance is calculated

  • User Interface Guide - A guide to using the user interface, both the online version and the one included with the model file.

Stella Files

The iSDG is composed of two separate files with following extensions:

  • *.stmx – the model (structure)

  • *.isdb – simulation database (containing Data, BAU and scenario time series for all variables)

Only the *.stmx file is to be used by the user, *.isdb is the support file that is directly read by the *.stmx file and both need to be saved in the same folder. For model to read the simulation database, the two files need to be named identically. One *.stmx file can read multiple (one after another) *.isdb files. To switch the simulation database in the model, close the two files, rename the new database file (*.isdb) so that it matches the name of the *.stmx file. Reopen the *.stmx file, the new simulation database should be already loaded in the data manager (see BELOW for instructions on how to find data manager).

Stella Software

Additional resources on the Stella software is available through its manufacturer, Isee Systems. Several things to highlight: